• Mayonnaise

    We are proudly announcing that our recipe has been developed over 50 years ago, basing on old standards of Polish cuisine. „Majonez delikatesowy stołowy” is made with high floral oil and yolks with premium mustard to provide a rich color, thick body, creamy texture and unforgettable spicy taste.  Goes perfectly with eggs, fish salads, cold meats and vegetable salads.

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  • French mustard
    French mustard

    - coarse-grained consystency

    - unusual recipe with diligently selected species of mustard seeds

    - unique taste of wine

    - ideal additive for meats, cheese, salads and dressings

    - excellent as decoration of many dishes

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  • Sandwich Sauce
    Sandwich Sauce

    Ideal creamy consystancy. Original connection of tastes of mustard and red pepper. It's supreme for sanwiches, pizzas, salads and toastes.

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  • Creamy Tartar Sauce
    Creamy Tartar Sauce

    Sauce delivers the unsurpassed quality and consistency You demand to satisfy Your taste. High quality ingredients: premium mayonnaise, chopped pickled cucumbers, chopped champignons and blend of spices allow to achieve the best result. It’s one of a kind and leader of the type. Perfect for tableside dipping, especially recommended with eggs, salads, cold meats and appetizers.

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  • Table mustard
    Table mustard


    Classical meal supplement: mild and delicate with balanced flavour and creamy texture. It’s the perfect way to enhance the most sophisticated recipes, or add life to meals, sandwiches, dressings and marinades.

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  • Mustard sauce
    Mustard sauce

    Perfectly balanced recipe for mayonnaise sauce with black mustard seeds. It's ideal for meals, cheese and eggs. Amazingly harmonizes with delicate fish taste.

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  • Sarepska mustard
    Sarepska mustard


    Perfectly balanced strong, spicy flavour, thick consistence and dark creamy colour. Relatively hot taste. Transforms ordinary dishes into special meals. Expect the unexpected.

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  • Infernal mustard
    Infernal mustard


    Hotter than others, perfect balance of heat and flavour, satisfies the need for those who crave extra heat. It’s ideal for those meals requiring an extra ”kick!” lovers of the extraordinary impressions will be satisfied.

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  • Horseradish mustard
    Horseradish mustard


    Delivers the unsurpassed quality and consistency giving balanced horseradish taste and flavour to satisfy our customer tastes. Musztarda chrzanowa can enhance the flavour of white sausage, seafood specialties, grilled food and ethnic items.

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  • Curry mustard
    Curry mustard


    Well balanced flavour profile with sweet notes of curry. Perfect consistency and creaminess. Looking for some new experiences, You can’t miss it.

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  • Crimean mustard
    Crimean mustard


    The smoothest – the light sweet and spicy, that emphasizes the taste of main and size dishes, both hot or cold. A distinctive blend of smooth spices and other premium ingredients makes this flavourful, versatile choice.

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  • Pepper mustard
    Pepper mustard


    Harmonious combination of mustard and red pepper, unique consistency with black mustard seeds and pieces of pepper. Undoubtly it can be a charming decoration of many dishes. Indispensable  as a flavouring of cold meat, sausages, cheese and as an ingredient of salads.

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  • Barbecue mustard
    Barbecue mustard


    Dry and sophisticated taste as a result of great combination of black mustard seeds and various spices. Excellent for grilled and roasted meat. Perfect additive for cold meat and cheese. It can be used as an ingredient of salads, dressings and marinades.

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  • Horseradish

    Premium Horseradish is a hot, pungent condiment. Fresh, creamy consistency, high quality product. Add horseradish to dressings, mayonnaise, and other condiments for zippier salads, sandwiches and dips. Blend into tomato based cocktail sauce for a seafood or barbecue sauce for grilled meats.

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  • Creamy garlic sauce
    Creamy garlic sauce


    New incomer- has just been launched into the market. Well balanced flavour profile base on premium mayonnaise with unique, bold garlic notes. Created for sandwiches, meats, hot and cold dishes. Fans will be delighted.

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  • Ketchup

    Ketchup pikantny adds memorable flavour kick to a variety of menu items. Thick, hot blend of  fully matured juicy tomatoes and spices. Great sauce for traditional barbecue recipes, it can also be used as a  dip, marinade or condiment. Enriches both hot or cold dishes: roasted, grilled, boiled and fried. Nothing is better to sausages, pizza and French fries.

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  • Gypsy sauce
    Gypsy sauce

    Thick consistency, balanced sweet and sour flavour enriched with chopped pickled cucumber, onion and bell pepper. You get the taste, that’s  what You think barbecue sauce should have. Adding this, sauce even the common dish becomes attractive

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  • Vinegar

    Natural product of fermentation, from natural materials in natural processes. Requires a little effort and awareness but effort pays well. Our vinegar is the best component to prepare salads, appetizers, deserts, pickles, marinades. It also works well with fish and poultry.

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